Manufacturing sourcing in China

ProProduct Oy helps foreign companies to find manufacturing resources for process industry plant projects from Chinese market. ProProduct Oy requests quotations, compare suppliers and make supplier auditing. ProProduct Oy helps with contract negotiations, follow and report manufacturing progress and scheduling. ProProduct Oy can arrange third party inspectors when needed in order to secure high-quality manufacturing.

  • Steel structures according EN, AWS, GB, AS, NZ standards using GB, EN, ASTM and JIS standard materials.
  • Boiler pressure parts according ASME, EN, GB and METI standards
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Boiler and process plants pipe materials and prefabrication
  • Silos and bunkers
  • Ducts and other plate structures
  • Boiler and process plants main components: Valves, dampers, pumps, fans, burners etc
  • Inductive cables
  • Solar panel solutions, BIPV, BAPV
  • BIPV photovoltaic energy saving roofing panels
  • Fastening materials
  • Electrical cable materials