Industrial Project Management

ProProduct Oy does professional project management service for process industry plant deliveries. The service ensures the profitability, schedule, quality and end-customer satisfaction of the project. A systematic project management method minimizes project waste and errors and ensures the success of the project as planned. ProProduct Oy focuses especially on project management of energy plants, including project management services for boiler and biogas plants. ProProduct Oy takes part as well the project management of pulp, paper and biorefinery plants.

The main stages of the project management service are:

• Sales phase of the project
• Project contract review
• Project planning
• Engineering

• Procurement
• Manufacturing
• Logistics
• Erection
• Commissioning

• Project handover

Project management service for plant deliveries

ProProduct Oy carries out project management of plant deliveries with high professionalism in accordance with the project contract and the company's targets. The stages of project management and their main content are described as below.

Project contract
ProProduct Oy helps it customers defining project scope with delivery limits and main terms with extensive project experience. In the sales phase of the project, the technology to be used and the scope of delivery are determined. The scope of delivery largely determines the cost of the plant delivery. During the sales phase, the supplier estimates and determines the costs of project management, engineering, components, manufacturing, transportation, erection and commissioning. The main schedule of the project is evaluated and agreed upon. The project contract is a key document in project management that determines the delivery content of the project. The project contract should be carefully reviewed when the project is transferred to the project organization for implementation. At the beginning of the project, project kick-off meetings are arranged with the client and internally.

Project plan and project reporting
A systematic and up-to-date project plan is a key document for a successful project. The project plan includes the project budget, schedule, quality plan, project organization, contact list, information on applicable standards, and other project- and country-specific information. The project budget specifies the costs received from the sales budget. The project budget is locked at the start of the project and the project forecast and actuality are updated regularly. Budget forecasting can be utilized together financial and project reporting. In addition to the main schedule, a more detailed work schedule will be prepared for the project. After locking project schedule baseline, the actual implementation of the work schedule is reported. With the realization of the schedule, the degree of readiness of the project is reported weekly or bi-weekly together with project budget and risk management reporting. The project contact list, organization, meeting and reporting practices are important for sharing up-to-date project information to the client and internally within the project team. 
ProProduct Oy helps project reach it targets with professional project planning and on-time project reporting.

It is very important to have correct inputs on-time for basic and detail engineering. The project selects professional internal and external design resources for the required areas. The design areas and work packages shall be described in the work schedule. The progress of the planning is regularly monitored in accordance with the project contract and the company's practices. The applicable standards are determined in the project contract. As the design progresses, a sufficient number of reviews will be held before proceeding to the next design phases or procurement. The key function of reviews is to detect design errors and reduce quality costs. The correct dimensioning of the main equipment and the functionality of the process are especially important for a successful project. Detail design guarantees the correct use of the premises, the accessibility of objects that needs maintenance and easy installation. The delivery schedule for the design material is typically specified in the project contract. Manufacturing, procurement and erection schedules also determines the completion schedule for the design material. 
ProProduct Oy helps project to have correct inputs for engineering and secures correct scheduling of engineering tasks.

Successful purchases have a significant impact on the profitability, quality and smoothness of the project. In most plant deliveries, procurement accounts for 70-85% of the project budget. The procurement budget is determined by the project budget. Purchases lower price than the project budget increase the project's reserves and the project's resistance to surprises improves. ProProduct Oy prepares procurement plan, budget and schedule according project targets and it targets procurement savings for the project and as well helps with procurement negotiations and contracting. As part of procurement, it is important to identify a sufficient number of supplier candidates to ensure adequate quality and price competition. New suppliers are audited. Delivery deadlines for quotations shall be determined during RFQ phase. The technical material for tenders, such as technical specifications, mass lists and drawings, will help to determine the scope and price of the work to be offered. Sufficient time shall given for suppliers to calculate and compare offers. In procurement negotiations, the scope of delivery is confirmed, the supplier's resources are secured and the pricing of the scope of delivery is agreed. Purchasing risks are managed through a purchasing contracts. General or company-specific delivery terms, technical specifications, delivery scope limits, delivery reporting and documentation annexes should be attached to the purchasing contract. 
ProProduct Oy key person has proved track records for project profitability increasing my cost efficient purchasing and by efficient project control.

In-house and external manufacturing is scheduled, monitored and documented. Adequate quality assurance and control is required from the manufacturer. Manufacturing control ensures the progress of the work, the schedule, compliance with the standards and quality systems used, the number of products to be manufactured, dimensions, technical characteristics such as quality of materials, surface treatment, quality of welding and technical performance of the product. When needed expediting actions will be planned and actions are taken. Quality assurance follows the applicable standards and the customer's inspection and testing plan. Where applicable third-party inspectors are used in order secure quality products. FAT testing is arranged for automation and main equipment. Manufacturing must be documented in accordance with the applicable standards and quality systems and the requirements of the project contract. ProProduct Oy has extensive experience of manufacturing management, scheduling and progress follow-up for Chinese market.


ProProduct Oy helps with plant deliveries logistics planning: Risks are evaluated, cost are minimized and schedule is optimized. A transportation route study is carried out for the transport of large items. In new delivery countries, the impact of local conditions and permit practices on the transportation schedule must be ensured. New delivery countries involves risks, for example, with regard to the condition of roads, applying for transport permits and local transport escorting. Logistics schedule is optimized and cost are minimized by selecting proper transportation method. Transportation method shall be decided before manufacturing is started in order to know transportation method.

ProProduct Oy has experience from boiler and biogas plants erection globally. A schedule, site plan, quality and safety plan for the site installation phase will be prepared and a site manager will be appointed. Depending installation scope there can be several installation supervisors under the supervision of the site manager. Regular site meetings should be held to ensure up-to-date and safe work progress. Regular work safety rounds are organized at the construction site, deviations are reported and safe working methods of the installations are ensured. Site conditions should include adequate monitoring, regular communication and reporting to project management. If necessary corrective actions are planned in order to mitigate deviations.

Commissioning and training

ProProduct Oy has experience from boiler and biogas plants commissioning and training globally. Commissioning and training are scheduled and competent resources are selected for the commissioning of the plant's process and automation. Before the plant is put into production, the IO and SAT of the automation system is tested. For the training, training materials are prepared and operational and maintenance trainings are organized for the plant users and for mechanical & electrical personnel. Commissioning is reported regularly.

Project handover
During the handover of the project, the plant will be inspected. In connection with the handover, handover documents are prepared, such as the delivery approval document, final financial conclusion summary and possible deviation lists. The plant supplier conducts hand over processes with the customer and with subcontractors. Normally, the plant will be transferred to the customer's ownership and responsibility during handover, and the plant's warranty period will begin. At the latest at the handover of the plant, any issues related to the supplier's service contract, such as spare parts, remote monitoring, on-site service and service contact persons, are reviewed. ProProduct Oy has experience of building site team, execute erection, commissioning and training for boiler and biogas plants. All plants are handled over to the customers and plants are operating successfully.